Pocket Stamps (Self-Inking)

- Ink was ready equipped with stamp
- Convenient to bring along
- Cool design

Please refer to "Our Products" for catalog & pricing
under "Self-Inking Stamps" category

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Express Order Form (Pre-Inked Stamp Only)

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Normal Order Form

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Terms & Conditions

1. Free Delivery for order by Express Order Form.

2. Delivery fee RM 8.00 (within Malaysia only) for order by Normal Order Form.

3. Stamps sold are neither exchangeable nor refundable.


1. What is the difference between Pre-Inked & Self Inking Stamps?

Both Pre-Inked & Self-Inking stamps also come with Ink.

1. Self-Inking come with built-in ink pad. It has mechanism to rotate internally in order to bring the ink from ink pad to the rubber wordings inside; Pre-Inked, the words itself already have the ink.
2. Self-Inking easier to take care but expensive; Pre-Inked, the wordings easy to damage and unable to repair.

2. No limit to the wordings? How long does it fit?
For same stamp size, if more wordings, then the size of those wordings will be small or vice-versa.

3. Do you do logos ? Or logo image that provided will be inserted in the stamp directly ?

Yes. We will re-do the logo for your stamp. Just provide us with high resolution logo file (>100KB).

4. C&C Stamps can be refilled ?
All our stamps CAN be refilled, except for Pocket Stamps.